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→ ᴤȶᴜρіᴅ ωᴉℓᴅ!*

ℓϊsα @ ℓј.сσм
joose n. - a cheap excuse for an energy drink. it contains 9.9% alcohol per can & gets you fuckin shwasted.

my name's lisa. i'm 19, a full time student and i also work. i guess you could say i have my shit together. i always know how to have a good time. whether i'm layin in bed watchin tv or out at the bar with my friends. i know to party, but i party carefully; i've lost quite a few close friends to drugs and i choose not to get wrapped up in that hot mess. i'm definitely a hiphop girl; although i was raised on country and classic rock. i consider myself a lesbian. i respect everyone's views but i'll be damned if you try to preach to me, i'm a very opinionated person.